Norway's Toughest Boats are Now Among its Smartest

Idar and Bjørn-Inge Kaasbøll aren't interested in cutting corners. Their aluminum boats are built with respect for the sea, and with attention to detail that means they are ready for the water in all seasons. From 2021, every one of them will also be smart.

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All boats produced in 2021 by Kaasbøll Boats, in Hitra, Norway, will be fully integrated with SmartBoat One, meaning that Kaasbøll owners will just have to activate their device and subscription, and then they’ll be able to monitor their boat from day one. These boats are built with care and purpose by the Kaasbøll team, with performance, safety, and reliability, at the center of every build. For them, these principles aren't just important on the few days with perfectly flat conditions, but also when the weather gets bad, and the seas get rough.


We at Sensar Marine are grateful to add to the boating experience that Kaasbøll has built, and for the responsibility of giving Kaasbøll owners peace of mind that their boat is safe at sea, and at shore.

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